Welcome to Bridgepoint Law Firm, LLC

Attorney Tom Lemley started the Bridgepoint Law Firm with the goal of providing excellent, cost-effective legal services. Tom understands that getting to know his clients and understanding their concerns are key to creating the kind of successful relationships that lead to successful outcomes. Tom will take the time to understand you and the legal issues you face, and will protect your interests as you learn about your options and select the course of action that best suits you, your family or your business.

While Tom is available to meet with you at your convenience, he realizes that people lead busy lives and that some prefer an alternative to the phone calls and office visits that often go along with obtaining legal services. Bridgepoint Law Firm’s Virtual Law Office allows clients to access legal services the same way they have become accustomed to banking, investing, filing taxes and shopping – through a secure internet connection that is available 24/7.   Learn more here.